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. . . Woohoo! Free Lemons!:

A Self-Help Book
for People Who Hate Self-Help Books

by Kristina S. Alcorn & Eric MacDicken

Ever look in the mirror first thing in the morning—the day after one of those grueling days where everyone had completely unrealistic demands and your family took you for granted and your co-workers treated you like the swivel chair with the broken wheel and you spilled coffee that tasted like battery acid on your brand new blouse that you just found out your favorite retail store had made by tiny children who should be in school not in a sweat shop factory making you disposable fashion accessories that still don't make you any happier—and wonder, what the freck is happening?!
Well, have we got THE book for you.

Because when life gives you lemons...

Coming Soon to Great Owl Books

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© Kristina S. Alcorn & Eric MacDicken


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